25 December 2009

merry christmas moments!!

just stopping through to wish everyone a very merry christmas! it's all happy mayhem at my house today! and i'm enjoying every moment of it! :-) the younger three boys are happily playing with their new unexpected wii game, hubby and oldest son are putting together a popcorn machine and girlchild is napping after a busy morning of playing snow white princess!! :)

19 December 2009

happy snow day

i love having snow! lots of snow, so much that no one expects to be able to go anywhere or do anything and the kind where places close up. it's a weekend, we're expecting 12 to 24 inches of snow (it was 6 to 12 when we headed to bed last night). now ideally this snow would show up tuesday next week, giving us two days off school and thus a nice LONG christmas break. but it's also a good birthday present for my youngest son. he is 7 today.

17 December 2009

the things i do

seems as though i do a lot but at the end of any one given day, what i have done amounts to nothing. today i spent the day making cookies with girlchild. then filling cookie bags, making cards for the bags and putting the whole box of bags in the car. i made turkey meatballs for dinner, with the intention of making sandwiches. they looked so nice in the magazine photo. but they never turn out looking the same. the boys didn't like the cheese, hubby and i did, at least. at least the meatballs came out well. last time i made meatballs it was a disaster!!

one of my favourite christmas movies is on tonight, christmas in connecticut. so i'm recording it, again. i will watch it a few times then delete it from the dvr. i haven't seen the bishop's wife listed, but i am sure it will turn up. we started watching the original stargate movie tonight too. i'm a new stargate fan, i've only seen stargate universe. and it was the scottish accent the drew me in (as it does). but now i like the premise, so i'm interested in seeing how it all started, back in 1994 :-)

15 December 2009

where does it go?

where does the time go??? some days i think it drags and drags and then suddenly another week has passed. now we're heading into youngest son's birthday weekend, and then of course christmas. birthday first for us. although he is as excited about christmas. i'm being over-cautious about his almost christmas birthday. i refuse to allow his birthday to be any less important than his siblings!! and having grown up with my mom's birthday just after christmas, i was always aware of the need to differentiate (plus hubby's brother's is this week and he still talks about how his birthday was less than his sibs).

presents are, i think, all bought. birthday completed yesterday, candles purchased, clone wars accessories, plans for the annual birthday donut cake and taking in donut balls (munchkins from dunkin donuts) on friday for a treat. last year his birthday was the day of the kindergarten gingerbread house building day. he wore his birthday boy button and although we didn't share birthday treats that day, they did sing happy birthday to him!! :-) i love that they make such a big deal about birthdays at school :-D

i'm still adding words to my story, what there is of it. so far it's not very pieced together and i doubt i will share it. but it's moving along, from out of my head and onto a word document!! i'll keep typing away, best i can.

i am also determined to finish these last three books before the end of 2009. i'm not counting pages or even books, but just want to be DONE with them!!!

08 December 2009


inspiration and holiday spirit seems to have finally hit me. well, just a little bit. i think it's the music and the cold weather!! i still wish there was more time in the day and that someone would help me with shopping and ideas, but it's not too bad!!

we're on our tenth or so viewing of the grinch. that one seems to be the kids' favourite holiday movie. i like them all really, but am rather partial to the grinch and santa claus is coming to town. frosty has never been one of my faves, although the frosty returns is amusing if only because it's just not very good!!

my laptop went belly up again, and i am dragging on my writing!! all the writing and my outline are lost. now i know why i need to write and save it to google docs....so i am going to try to jot down some ideas there today. and then revamp my outline...it's not about perfection but about getting it all written out!!!

01 December 2009

more writing

a friend of mine on facebook did the nanowrite thing...she did really well and wrote some extraordinary amount of words for her book. she has actually published a book, so for her it was finding the time and making the words hit the paper. she has a lot more dedication than i do, and a lot more faith in herself i think!

that leads me to try to write something THIS month. it's my own nanowritemore. i'm starting with an outline today. i've never used one before, but my kids use one to write their papers for school. or maybe a storyweb, like my 4th grader uses. same idea, different format. then maybe i can organise my thoughts, see them and make them pan out onto paper!! or at least computer!

i'm also going back to doing the writing challenges on my other writing blog. i stopped for a bit, although i have done a few of the one word paragraphs. i think the whole commenting on others' writings got overwhelming for me. so i will do the writing bit and leave it at that :-)

spirit and secret

seems this time of year is all about secret wishes, wants and desires. hiding presents and keeping secrets about what we bought or might buy. santa and dreams and hopes. it's also a lot about expectations. the ones we have for each other and especially for ourselves. like how the house across the street had 10,000 lights on it, and our house must be as beautiful with 10,001. bigger badder faster longer and more stylish.
this is probably why the spirit seems to have gone out of the holiday.

i'm still searching for my holiday spirit. my only dreams are of spending time together with my family, laughing and cooking, looking at lights and watching smiling faces as we watch the grinch once more. the corny holiday decorations at our local breakfast place, the yard up the street with the 10,000 lights (or more), the santa hats that adorn the giant evergreen trees along the road to school. these are christmas to me.