01 December 2009

more writing

a friend of mine on facebook did the nanowrite thing...she did really well and wrote some extraordinary amount of words for her book. she has actually published a book, so for her it was finding the time and making the words hit the paper. she has a lot more dedication than i do, and a lot more faith in herself i think!

that leads me to try to write something THIS month. it's my own nanowritemore. i'm starting with an outline today. i've never used one before, but my kids use one to write their papers for school. or maybe a storyweb, like my 4th grader uses. same idea, different format. then maybe i can organise my thoughts, see them and make them pan out onto paper!! or at least computer!

i'm also going back to doing the writing challenges on my other writing blog. i stopped for a bit, although i have done a few of the one word paragraphs. i think the whole commenting on others' writings got overwhelming for me. so i will do the writing bit and leave it at that :-)

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