08 December 2009


inspiration and holiday spirit seems to have finally hit me. well, just a little bit. i think it's the music and the cold weather!! i still wish there was more time in the day and that someone would help me with shopping and ideas, but it's not too bad!!

we're on our tenth or so viewing of the grinch. that one seems to be the kids' favourite holiday movie. i like them all really, but am rather partial to the grinch and santa claus is coming to town. frosty has never been one of my faves, although the frosty returns is amusing if only because it's just not very good!!

my laptop went belly up again, and i am dragging on my writing!! all the writing and my outline are lost. now i know why i need to write and save it to google docs....so i am going to try to jot down some ideas there today. and then revamp my outline...it's not about perfection but about getting it all written out!!!

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