17 December 2009

the things i do

seems as though i do a lot but at the end of any one given day, what i have done amounts to nothing. today i spent the day making cookies with girlchild. then filling cookie bags, making cards for the bags and putting the whole box of bags in the car. i made turkey meatballs for dinner, with the intention of making sandwiches. they looked so nice in the magazine photo. but they never turn out looking the same. the boys didn't like the cheese, hubby and i did, at least. at least the meatballs came out well. last time i made meatballs it was a disaster!!

one of my favourite christmas movies is on tonight, christmas in connecticut. so i'm recording it, again. i will watch it a few times then delete it from the dvr. i haven't seen the bishop's wife listed, but i am sure it will turn up. we started watching the original stargate movie tonight too. i'm a new stargate fan, i've only seen stargate universe. and it was the scottish accent the drew me in (as it does). but now i like the premise, so i'm interested in seeing how it all started, back in 1994 :-)

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  1. Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas.


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