15 December 2009

where does it go?

where does the time go??? some days i think it drags and drags and then suddenly another week has passed. now we're heading into youngest son's birthday weekend, and then of course christmas. birthday first for us. although he is as excited about christmas. i'm being over-cautious about his almost christmas birthday. i refuse to allow his birthday to be any less important than his siblings!! and having grown up with my mom's birthday just after christmas, i was always aware of the need to differentiate (plus hubby's brother's is this week and he still talks about how his birthday was less than his sibs).

presents are, i think, all bought. birthday completed yesterday, candles purchased, clone wars accessories, plans for the annual birthday donut cake and taking in donut balls (munchkins from dunkin donuts) on friday for a treat. last year his birthday was the day of the kindergarten gingerbread house building day. he wore his birthday boy button and although we didn't share birthday treats that day, they did sing happy birthday to him!! :-) i love that they make such a big deal about birthdays at school :-D

i'm still adding words to my story, what there is of it. so far it's not very pieced together and i doubt i will share it. but it's moving along, from out of my head and onto a word document!! i'll keep typing away, best i can.

i am also determined to finish these last three books before the end of 2009. i'm not counting pages or even books, but just want to be DONE with them!!!

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