11 March 2010

thoughtful place

so much in my head today. so many ideas, bits of phrases floating
around. replies to emails that make so much more sense in my head than
typed in print. too much to do and never enough time. too much laundry
and too many meals to cook and dishes to wash and damn bills to pay.
phone calls to return and fuzz on the floor. books to read in a pile,
calling out to me to be read. teasing me with their pretty jackets and
reviews and creativeness. mountains of words, tumbling and twirling,
but never making their way onto a page to make enough sense to anyone
else but me.

10 March 2010

welcome sunshine

it's so nice to see the sun again! even if there are a few clouds in
front of it today. and i'm so happy to feel a bit better today.
yesterday i had a cloud over ME. today i feel energised and pleasant.
it's about bloody time indeed. :-)

03 March 2010

what is it??

.....about being sick and feeling cold and being fed up that makes me want to BLOG!!! i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired...and just bemoaning that fact that i am meant to be positive and happy and joyful and spreading smiles wherever i go!!

today is a lackluster day and i feel the need to sit and wallow in my own nothingness....or at least drink tea and eat toast all day and be a blob here in my pink room.

the princess is sick, not wanting to cuddle or play games or do anything remotely like what the boys did when they were home sick. i am left to my own devices but "not sitting with me mama"!

02 March 2010

another day

i haven't found a way to keep up with all the busy things in my life. and i seem to always wonder how anyone manages to get so much done in a day and sleep as well. it would be lovely to sit in front of my laptop all day long. but when would i eat? or sleep? or more importantly, when would i spend time with my children or my husband? sometimes just stepping away from this is what works best. and yet...i miss the blogging. i miss being able to share things that no one reads!!