17 January 2010

unconscious mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Weak :: in the knees, -ness,
  2. Flashy :: lights, bits
  3. Sack :: (as in) get the, in the
  4. Business :: as usual, man's special
  5. Purple :: donny osmond, majesty
  6. Fan :: girl, hot
  7. Airline :: stewardess, lunch
  8. Guide :: -ed tour, -posts
  9. Lunch :: bunch, munch
  10. Exercise :: mat, ball, much

unconscious mutterings week 364

13 January 2010

more joy

twenty one years ago tonight, i met a lovely man on a blind date. we had dinner at a friends' house....sort of like a double date, with their daughter who plopped herself between us the whole night! we had homemade spaghetti (i did NOT cook), drank a lot of wine and i called out sick from work the next day! i have a much nicer perception of friday the 13th since then!!

tonight, twenty one years and five kids later, it was leftovers, a quick kiss and hubby took our third son to his music concert! :-) at dinner we laughed over the change in our lives.

but it's been a good time! :)


the kids thoughtfully shared their cold germ with me! i'd have much rather had chocolate, ya know?? oh well...hopefully it won't get too much worse. i enjoyed the winter concert at school this afternoon, my third son is in the percussion group. he's fun to watch, and i'm glad he's so musical. and he enjoys it. i wonder what he will do with his talent. he was plonking tunes from his percussion group on the piano at christmas time. i think he's going to need piano lessons too. it would be fun to have an actual piano in our house, somewhere tucked into a corner. i'm sure we could squeeze it in, somewhere. then maybe i can learn to play!!

girlchild's dance class has begun again for a few months. the same teacher, but some new girls in her class. and new songs, which is good too. it will take another couple weeks to get into the routine, but she learned so much in the last one. most especially social skills, and spending time with other girls (which after spending time with only boys in this house, is rather importaint i think). she also learned balance and how to skip in the class the first time around.

and we have signed up for another 2 months worth of storytime. it will give us somewhere to go each thursday, good or bad! :-)

it's coming up to one more week to finish my book club book. i put it aside, but really ought to skim through to the end. i have promised myself i would read them all, no matter what. this one will take more effort only since it's so dull! the maeve binchy book is so much more engrossing!!

11 January 2010

blahblah reading

i've started reading our book club's latest selection. the trouble is, again, i don't really like it. i want a book that will hold my attention, one that will reach out and grab me and make me wonder what will happen next? something with vivid scenery and somewhat exciting even sometimes explosive things going on. this book (the liars' club) is not that. it's written well, it's descriptive. about a dysfunctional family written from the one daughter's pov, in the early 1960s. perhaps if i hadn't read two others similar to it, i might be more spell bound. i'll assume she came out of this dysfunctional life somewhat okay, she's alive to write a book (two actually as another of hers is touted on the back cover).
i am plodding thru it. i skip the boring bits. i'm trying something new, i have NOT read the ending yet. when my eyes start to glaze over in a boringtome book i tend to skip ahead, reading the last few pages, and then a few more....this is how i got thru the glass castle (again, another well written book about a very dysfunctional family).

conversely, i'm reading gathering blue (lois lawry) with my 7th grader for his language arts class. i LOVE this book. i did a similar assignment with my oldest son 4 yrs ago, same teacher (possibly same assignment, except i was pregnant then and possibly not as "headsmart" as i am now) and it was fun. for gathering blue, i have to keep myself from reading more so i can keep up with the pages read with my son. we have questions to discuss tonight (and he gets to write the answers out).

my "fun" book is much more exciting and i keep picking that up to read a few times a day. i'm hoping to sit in the very sunlit window (assuming the sun comes up today) and read more this afternoon!!

08 January 2010

what a day

again the sun streams into my sitting room as i write. today turned out to quite a different day to what i had loosely planned. a two hour school delay this morning meant that we all had a little extra sleep, and the kids had some extra playtime. girlchild was happy to have her brothers to play with for daylight hours as well! the boys happily (or unhappily dependent upon your perspective) trooped off to school, little princess and i had a day to ourselves as her school had been canceled. we played many games of candyland, princess old maid and crazy 8s. we coloured and we had snacks. and then got bored and told me to go read a book mommie! ;-)

06 January 2010

sunshine sunshine

noticed a little bit more brightness this week in the morning sky, so i guess that minute or so we get each day is getting us somewhere. and today when the sun came streaming into my kitchen through the skylight on the outside deck, i smiled!! i had the door open to let in some more sunshine. at this time of year, when it is sunny outside, the sunlight thru our front is very bright. blindingly bright at mid afternoon in some cases. but at some points, i'll do anything for sunshine!! and it was mostly cloudy this morning...with some snow sprinkles. in fact, the snow was more like mini-bits of sand, all white and bouncy.
it's only 6 january and i'm already anxious for spring!!

05 January 2010

good morning

it's so cold here at the moment. i know i might have complained all summer with the heat, but anything below 30F chills my bones!! and 23F is just TOO cold!! esp stood out on the corner waiting for the school bus (me waiting with the boys).

thankfully the new car does like the cold, unlike the old one that always seemed to shiver to start. mind you, i could happily just stay in the car and listen to music or watch dvds....and there's a plug for my laptop...i wonder if my internet connection reaches to the driveway? i could just move into the car ;-)

04 January 2010

desperately seeking....

the road to peace happiness and tranquility....at least for 10 minutes in my day!! :-)

03 January 2010

new year

it all starts again and here i start again. it's not exactly the first of january, but it's nearly the end of winter break. it always feels as though the plans made for winter break are broken nearly immediately. this past winter break was rather mor cold and windy than ones in the past. and since i am loathe to toss occasionally wheezy kids out into the cold air, they stay indoors. and they play a lot of computer and video games. the last few days we've been playing more board type games. we love monopoly deal...and today it's been an i spy game

so my book reading total this past year was 32. a friend posted hers at 50. i am envious, but pleased to have hit 32!! my goal this year is only to read more books...more than 10! ;-)

01 January 2010

reading list 2010

gathering blue -- lois lawry (current read, with my 7th grade son for a class project)
the liars' club -- mary karr + (current read)
scarlet feather -- maeve binchy (current read)

+denotes a selection read for my book club
i make every effort to finish a book once i've started it, but sometimes, the book doesn't pull me in, i usually put it aside and try again later, or i just don't read it at all :-)