28 November 2009

oddly noted

~girlchild being a cat and mewing at me to rub her belly.
~sons 3 and 4 lining up train set wooden trees on pieces of white paper and drawing scenes under the trees.
~two sets of friends on facebook discussing the same topic of parents taking children christmas shopping (that is very strange, so maybe others are discussing it as well).
~the winds that were blown from the uk to our area of the east coast and how quickly the weather seems to change lately
~feeling somewhat more creative since re-creating this blog (though i haven't actually written anything down and i should).

25 November 2009

finally mid week!

last day before thanksgiving, a little mini vacation at home!! other than thanksgiving, we have nothing big planned. the weather doesn't look as though it will cooperate, so we'll see what outside events might occur. i'd love to get the outside christmas lights on the house, but if it doesn't dry out, that won't happen anytime soon.
hair cuts last night for oldest son and myself. i thought i would try to grow it out, but the hair on my neck was making me a little crazy!! so it's back to chin length (shorter really since it curls up so much). now to decide between reds!! :-)
santa visit tonight....happy thanksgiving eve!!

24 November 2009

what is is

i'm adding little bits back onto this blog. not sure where i am going with it just yet, or even if anyone is still reading. which is fine really. i think everyone who read once is long gone, or on facebook! :-)

is it friday yet?

well thank goodness it's finally getting chilly here. i've been warm for months, i'm looking forward to the coolness!!! half the time i am freezing and the other half i am roasting hot. there is no happy medium any longer. the trick is layers, so i needed some new clothes for that, right? ;-)

conferences this afternoon, always make me nervous, as though i am the one on trial. i think i am finally past the 'it's not me' feeling....well mostly. i am never sure if i am overdoing or underdoing it. i think it depends on the teachers.

posting every day on this blog might get me into writing more on my other blog. i seem to have lost the writing process for prose and short stories. my mind wanders and then then i lose the plot. that's about me in real life too! hehe!! ;-)

23 November 2009

what happens when...

who knew? i've been requested to help at the cookie baking event at church! it was fun last year, it won't be the same this year i am sure. nothing repeats well in my experience. the minister is apparently not going to be there, so at least it won't be uber organised. when the ladies are in control, we tend to do just fine ;-)

what school days there are this week, the younger three boys are on half days. nice for them, but a bit more work for me. i have to feed everyone lunch at home and make sure i'm here and organised when they get home. cos we all know i will get nothing done once they arrive home!! ;-)

obviously i have changed things around here. moved my old blog to a different address, but left the link in the sidebar, for a while. i was actually hoping to almost start over again. i'm not sure what will happen. i like writing in facebook, but sometimes i want to write more (and some of my friends do), but when i do, someone always makes a sarcastic comment!! :-(

22 November 2009

feel the feeling

today is a bright and shiny new day. i just finished another book and feel really good. who knows what lives we touch just by being who we are (good or bad). it's an interesting concept.

the kids are really enjoying watching UP. it seems so sad at the start, and then having to explain why the couple did not (could not) have a baby. why the baby's room is empty and why they are sad.

new moon was really good. better than i expected. i thought it was a lot truer to the book than the twilight movie. but i really LOVED the twilight book and was less enthused over new moon. but i am re-reading new moon, i wonder if it's one of those books that reads better at a different time.