13 January 2010


the kids thoughtfully shared their cold germ with me! i'd have much rather had chocolate, ya know?? oh well...hopefully it won't get too much worse. i enjoyed the winter concert at school this afternoon, my third son is in the percussion group. he's fun to watch, and i'm glad he's so musical. and he enjoys it. i wonder what he will do with his talent. he was plonking tunes from his percussion group on the piano at christmas time. i think he's going to need piano lessons too. it would be fun to have an actual piano in our house, somewhere tucked into a corner. i'm sure we could squeeze it in, somewhere. then maybe i can learn to play!!

girlchild's dance class has begun again for a few months. the same teacher, but some new girls in her class. and new songs, which is good too. it will take another couple weeks to get into the routine, but she learned so much in the last one. most especially social skills, and spending time with other girls (which after spending time with only boys in this house, is rather importaint i think). she also learned balance and how to skip in the class the first time around.

and we have signed up for another 2 months worth of storytime. it will give us somewhere to go each thursday, good or bad! :-)

it's coming up to one more week to finish my book club book. i put it aside, but really ought to skim through to the end. i have promised myself i would read them all, no matter what. this one will take more effort only since it's so dull! the maeve binchy book is so much more engrossing!!

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