11 January 2010

blahblah reading

i've started reading our book club's latest selection. the trouble is, again, i don't really like it. i want a book that will hold my attention, one that will reach out and grab me and make me wonder what will happen next? something with vivid scenery and somewhat exciting even sometimes explosive things going on. this book (the liars' club) is not that. it's written well, it's descriptive. about a dysfunctional family written from the one daughter's pov, in the early 1960s. perhaps if i hadn't read two others similar to it, i might be more spell bound. i'll assume she came out of this dysfunctional life somewhat okay, she's alive to write a book (two actually as another of hers is touted on the back cover).
i am plodding thru it. i skip the boring bits. i'm trying something new, i have NOT read the ending yet. when my eyes start to glaze over in a boringtome book i tend to skip ahead, reading the last few pages, and then a few more....this is how i got thru the glass castle (again, another well written book about a very dysfunctional family).

conversely, i'm reading gathering blue (lois lawry) with my 7th grader for his language arts class. i LOVE this book. i did a similar assignment with my oldest son 4 yrs ago, same teacher (possibly same assignment, except i was pregnant then and possibly not as "headsmart" as i am now) and it was fun. for gathering blue, i have to keep myself from reading more so i can keep up with the pages read with my son. we have questions to discuss tonight (and he gets to write the answers out).

my "fun" book is much more exciting and i keep picking that up to read a few times a day. i'm hoping to sit in the very sunlit window (assuming the sun comes up today) and read more this afternoon!!

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