24 November 2009

is it friday yet?

well thank goodness it's finally getting chilly here. i've been warm for months, i'm looking forward to the coolness!!! half the time i am freezing and the other half i am roasting hot. there is no happy medium any longer. the trick is layers, so i needed some new clothes for that, right? ;-)

conferences this afternoon, always make me nervous, as though i am the one on trial. i think i am finally past the 'it's not me' feeling....well mostly. i am never sure if i am overdoing or underdoing it. i think it depends on the teachers.

posting every day on this blog might get me into writing more on my other blog. i seem to have lost the writing process for prose and short stories. my mind wanders and then then i lose the plot. that's about me in real life too! hehe!! ;-)

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